Origins of the Construction Map

On October 9, 2014 at the BIMForum in Dallas, Texas, Project Atlas was presented to the AEC world for the first time. Back then it wasn’t even a product – just a few Photoshopped mock-ups meant to challenge industry norms and inspire the next generation of tools. It would’ve ended there if it weren’t for the audience’s overwhelming reaction.

As the positive support continued, co-founders Todd Wynne and Joe Williams worked to turn their concept into a reality. After six months of late night research and tinkering, they returned to the BIMForum, this time with a working prototype. Finally, Project Atlas was real – no longer a series of images and ideas, but it was only just the beginning.

Today, Todd & Joe are joined by an all-star team of designers and engineers. Together and in collaboration with leaders from across the AEC industry, they continue to work on the vision of creating the ultimate map of your project.

Recent Updates & News

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